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Breaking News Archives
2004 thru 2012

Sustainable agriculture certification would assess health of entire ecosystem
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said Thursday it is funding the development of a new eco-label called "Healthy Grown ..."
by Sustainable Food News
Sustainable World Radio; Interview with Claude Genest
Interview  with Claude Genest Permaculture Teacher/Designer, Deputy Leader of the Canadian Green Party , former actor and host of the Emmy Nominated PBS TV series  Regeneration: The Art of Sustainable Living.
by Permaculture Mailing List
Tata unveils world's cheapest car
The new Tata "Nano" car is pictured during the launch in New Delhi yesterday. India's giant Tata Group unveiled a $2,500 car it bills as the world's cheapest ...
by AFP New Dehli
Texas AgriLife Extension Offering Online Courses For Small-Acreage Landowners
Three online courses designed for agricultural novices will be offered by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, beginning Jan. 22, said Rebecca Parker, AgriLife Extension’s Dallas-based regional director of programs in agriculture and natural science.
by Mike Jackson
The Great Biofuels Con
Growing crops for oil was supposed to solve global warming. Now, as food prices soar, biofuels stand condemned as a crime against humanity ...
by Christopher Booker and Richard North
The Old Man Who Farms with the Sea
Tastiota, Mexico - A few miles inland from the Sea of Cortez, amid cracked earth and mesquite and sun-bleached cactus, neat rows of emerald plants are sprouting from the desert floor.
by Marla Dickerson
The World According to Monsanto
"Gigantic biotech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity"
Tomato study points to organic pros and cons on four farms
Organically produced tomatoes were higher in sugars and other soluble solids, consistency and acidity, all of which are desirable attributes in processing tomatoes. - The organically grown tomatoes were lower, however, in red color, vitamin C and certain healthful compounds known as phenolics.
Toronto - Make pesticide ban a reality!
Health, environment leaders' recommendations urge Premier to make pesticide ban a reality
U of I researcher to study pesticides and Parkinson's
A University of Iowa pharmacy researcher had received a $1.5 million federal grant to study a possible link between pesticide exposure and Parkinson's Disease.
by Erin Jordan
UK; Organic Pioneer says no to nano
The Soil Association – one of the world’s pioneers of organic agriculture – announced today that it is has banned human-made nanomaterials from the organic cosmetics, foods and textiles that it certifies.
by ETC Group
Urban farming takes root in Detroit
That is the ambitious aim of a charity called Urban Farming, which has its headquarters in Detroit, the capital of the US's wilting car industry.
by BBC News, Detroit
US; The way we live now
The corruption of society begins with the failure to call things by their proper names, he maintained, and its renovation begins with the reattachment of words to real things and precise concepts.
Wal-Mart Dominant In Organic Market
Guess who sells the most organic food? Big, bad Wal-Mart.
by New York Press


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