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July/Aug 2007
Risk Assessment of Transitioning Your Operation to Organic
Successful adoption of certified organic production requires assessing and addressing a wide variety of risks before, during and beyond the 36 month transition period.
by Bob Turnbull and Kathleen Delate
Changing, One Seed at a Time
Seeds of Change lives up to its name.  Since 1989, beginning with the cultivation and dissemination of a myriad of organically grown seeds, the company now provides both individuals and organic markets of all sizes the seeds, tools, research, and products they need for sustainable farming and gardening.
by Catherine Erhard
High Motivation for Quality at High Mowing Seeds
As producers of one of the largest selections of the highest quality organic seeds available, High Mowing Seeds continues to expand both its hybrid and open pollinated seeds, ranging from broccoli and onions to its latest development, sprouts and micro greens.
by Catherine Erhard
How is Cheese from Pastured Cows Unique?
What makes specialty cheese special? More specifically, what taste characteristics make cheese from pastured cows unique? These are important questions for farmers and milk processors wanting to create specialty dairy products from the milk of pastured cows.
by Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Junk Mail Stacks Up
No room on your kitchen table or counter for your fruit bowl? Can’t see the beautiful marble counter top in your newly remodeled kitchen?
by Organic Producer
Making Connections with Chefs Collaborative
Ever wonder how to connect with local chefs in your community and get your produce on their restaurant tables?  Cold calling can seem a daunting task. Or maybe you are searching for new places to post information about your farm’s products and upcoming events, but feel you’ve tapped out your resources.
by Karen Gaspers
Organic Seed; Putting Roots Down
Plant hybridization, even with its benefits, has made it harder for farmers to grow seed adapted to their particular conditions.
by Adrian Crabb
Recipe for Amending the Soil
It’s no secret that successful organic farmers and gardeners use compost. Using high-quality compost helps ensure lush plants and healthy growth. Soil also benefits from good compost.
by Catherine Erhard
Researching Better Growth
Blue River Hybrids offers a wide range of organic seed, and the research they do proves they seek to offer more.
by Catherine Erhard
They that Sow in Tears, Shall Reap in Joy
After examining Canadian farmer Theresa Claey’s Echinacea crop, plant scientists from the University of Manitoba told her that she may have developed her own variety of the medicinal herb.
by Adrian Crabb
Wildly Appropriate Seeds
All of the seeds from Wild Garden Seeds are open pollinated, untreated, tested for germs and vigor, and well cleaned.
by Catherine Erhard


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