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Organic Seed Alliance

Organic Seed Alliance, a nonprofit public charity, supports the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed. We accomplish our goals through collaborative education and research programs with organic farmers and other seed professionals.

Seed is both our common cultural heritage and a living natural resource fundamental to the future sustainability of food production. Proper stewardship of our genetic resources necessitates not only its conservation, but careful management in a manner which allows seed to continually evolve with challenges of the environment, cultural practices of sustainable agriculture and the need to feed people. Through advocacy, collaborative education and research we work to restore and develop seed varieties for current needs while safeguarding invaluable genetic resources for future generations.


  • We are building a professional education system serving: farmers, extension agents, university professionals, regional seed companies, and plant breeders via our WSARE Farmer Education Project.
  • We currently offer workshops on “Seed Production for Organic Agriculture” and “Fundamentals of Plant Improvement” and a variety of Seed Saving workshops for gardeners.
  • Sharing information with the public & policy makers on seed issues via our web site, newsletter, and published papers and our Seed Growers Conference.

  • Work to identify superior genetics for organic agriculture by placing germplasm under challenging conditions and evaluating for desirable traits.
  • Provide professional support on breeding projects to farmers and seed companies.
  • Supporting on-farm research to improve seed production practices including appropriate technology for seed production, harvest, cleaning and conditioning.

The WSF provides charitable distribution of organic, open-pollinated seeds and seed-saving knowledge. Among the people we serve are prison gardens, refugee gardens, sustainable agricultural development projects, educational gardens, and low-income urban gardens. Seed farmers trained in our educational programs become the producers of WSF seed.


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