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Happy D Ranch
We ship worms anywhere in the USA (except Hawaii), YEAR ROUND, GUARANTEED LIVE DELIVERY!

We do not ship worms outside of the USA.

Redworm orders for 5 pounds or less are sent US PRIORITY MAIL on Mondays or Tuesdays and should be delivered by the following Friday or Monday. (US POSTAL SERVICE delivery address required!) Orders of over 5 pounds are sent Fed Ex Overnight.

Why do so many folks get their worms from Happy D Ranch? Because our redworms (Eisenia fetida) are raised in a mixed feedstock they acclimate to any environment quickly & easily. Some companies (not Happy D Ranch) feed their worms primarily paper or cardboard waste. Worms raised on paper & cardboard waste do not acclimate well to home vermicomposting, farm, or animal waste systems easily, they crawl off enmasse.

Our redworms are redworms (Eisenia fetida), not some other species such as Perionyx excavatus which some unscrupulous growers call redworms. The Eisenia fetida redworm is the workhorse of the composting world and stays where they are fed and comfortable. Unlike other species like P. excavatus which tend to migrate out of the bin for no apparent reason. The Eisenia fetida redworm is the "RED WIGGLER" of the bait world and stays active on the hook for long periods of time.

Our redworms and European Nightcrawlers are NOT Canadian Nightcrawlers. Our worms are much smaller than the large Canadian Nightcrawlers that you might buy at a bait store. Know what species you want and what type of worm you are ordering!! Please note the picture above for the average size of the worms you will receive from Happy D Ranch. Some of our worms will be smaller, some a little bigger. Their size depends upon their age and weather conditions.

Plus we package our worms so that they arrive healthy year round, regardless of the weather. We also offer the best support in the business; our goal is to help you succeed in vermicomposting!

Those are just a few of the many reasons why we can confidently offer GUARANTEED LIVE DELIVERY anywhere in the continental U.S.A. and guarantee customer satisfaction.

At Happy D Ranch...
Customer Satisfaction really is #1

Visit us online Here


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