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Next Generation Organic Dairy
At the dawn of the new millennium, three small organic dairy farmers from west central Wisconsin, pooled their milk together and decided there must be a better way to bring quality organic dairy products/ingredients from their farms to the consumer and processor looking for a consistent, quality organic dairy source. That source is Organic Choice. These farmers knew the extra education, effort, energy and expense they have invested into their farms to produce a higher standard in organics was not being understood in the homes of consumers or even purchasing offices. An educated and economical choice for the consumer and the next generation became their mantra.

This idea spread, and in February of 2001, Organic Choice was born. The focus of Organic Choice is not just to produce another line of organic dairy products, but rather to provide high quality, nutritious products that taste good and are processed to retain more of their natural goodness, wholesomeness and are affordable. In addition we want the consumer to have the ability to learn the differences in farm management styles and processing methods. Food sourcing is a growing interest. More and more consumers want to know where their food has come from, how was it processed and why was it processed in a given way. Without answers to these questions an educated choice does not exist for you when you are purchasing your dairy products. Our dairy products and company are committed to giving you this knowledge base.

The farmers of Organic Choice believe in a holistic approach to their farming practices, which in some ways goes above and beyond just being certified organic. It is about feeding the soil and balancing it to produce high quality nutritious crops. It is about having the soil, plants and animals properly mineralized to prevent disease and insect problems. For example, if a plant is properly mineralized, it will be higher in natural sugars. Insects do not like a plant that is high in sugars. Insects are drawn to plants putting out a frequency that they are diseased and deficient and should not be in the consumer food chain. Properly mineralized crops, high in natural sugars are wholesome, satisfying and full of vitality and health to build strong bodies and prevent disease.

The farmers of Organic Choice aggressively seek educational workshops, field days and personal experience from other farmers to acquire the necessary knowledge to raise high quality crops without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, or to produce high quality milk or beef without the use of hormones, antibiotics or pesticides.

Our focus at Organic Choice are the children--yours and our own. They are innocent and trusting and they deserve only the best. Today the health of our children and even adults is greatly compromised by the foods we eat. All of the nutrition seems to have been processed out, just to extend shelf life so a retailer has more time to sell it to you. Don't let taste become an endangered species.

That is why Organic Choice has taken a stand against ultra pasteurization. This is where milk is heated to 280 degrees or more, which gives it a shelf life of up to six weeks! Milk was meant to be fresh and wholesome, not sterile and altered from its natural state removing the essential vitamins and minerals you should demand from your milk.

As our logo demonstrates, a young child with his arm outstretched to the future, looking over the farm, it is important to keep farmers on the land for generations to come. It is important that farmers be fairly rewarded for the quality of their labors. Did you know that in the last decade, Wisconsin known as Americas Dairyland lost 40% of its family dairy farmers? While large factory farms, who confine cows, use hormones and antibiotics increased in numbers. Most cows in factory farms do not live long in such stressful conditions and the management philosophy is referred to as "turn and burn." Turn the cattle in and out of the operation resulting in an earlier and higher mortality rate. If you can imagine this "sweat shop" dictatorship in your own life; how and at what level of quality would you produce? Imagine the lack of harmony and balance that would be missing. Dairy production is a balance of science, nature and a caring patient no mass-producing, unnatural, robotic factory farm can replicate. Removing Mother Earth and natural care results in loss of volume but quality, taste and health is maintained and exceeds these factory farms. Buy our products and decide for yourself; we'd appreciate your support.

Thank you for purchasing Organic Choice dairy products. Your patronage and ideas are greatly appreciated. Let's truly connect urban and rural societies and make the world a more healthful and better place to live, for the next generation and us.

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