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Fertrell's Certifiable Organic Fertilizers
EARTH FRIENDLY ALL PURPOSE 5-5-3 is an organic blend that provides balanced, slow- release nutrients without the risk of burning. Improves water penetration and conditions the soil for vigorous root growth.
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Paper Bag 5#
Paper Bag 25#
Paper Bag 50#

Blue Label Fertilizers

One of the biggest problems facing the grower is de-mineralized soil. This depletion of the mineral content produces deficiencies throughout the food chain. The Fertrell Company has developed and refined a line of products that addresses the demineralization problem: the Blue Label line of fertilizers. These fertilizers are a unique blend of rock powders and activators that are untreated, therefore, they contain secondary nutrients (calcium, magnesium and sulfur) plus many trace elements. These blends are extremely well balanced, offer broad spectrum time-released plant nutrients, will produce excellent yields. They are intended for broadcast application.

FERTRELL BLUE LABEL is a unique blend of rock powders and activators. Major emphasis is placed on time released phosphorus and potassium. The rock powders in Blue Label are untreated, therefore they contain secondary nutrients (calcium, magnesium and sulfur) plus many trace minerals. Since Blue Label is a multi-nutrient fertilizer, it is an excellent soil builder where soil fertility is low, or when nutrient maintenance is needed. Blue Label was formulated specifically for broadcast application on hay fields, pastures, or as a plow down for corn used in fall applications for a soil conditioner and nutrient boost. Included activators help to stimulate microbial activity. Typical analysis: 1-1-1
Available size:
Paper Bag 50#

FERTRELL BLUE HI K is an extension of our Blue Label formula with an increased potassium level. Blue Hi K was formulated especially for crops requiring high levels of potash such as alfalfa, corn silage or vegetables. Blue Hi K is excellent for correcting low potassium soils or where potassium would be the first limiting factor in crop production. Blue Hi K is a multi-nutrient fertilizer blend providing a broad spectrum of plant nutrients. It is more convenient and efficient than applying single ingredients. The potash ingredients used in Blue Hi K are not highly leachable and there is no need to worry about a high salt content. Typical analysis: 1-1-2
Available size:
Paper Bag 50#

FERTRELL BLUE N Blue N is an advanced formulation of Blue Label providing a time-released nitrogen in a multi-nutrient fertilizer. Blue N was specially formulated for crop production that requires more nitrogen and when manures and legume rotations are used on a minimal basis. Blue N should be applied in broadcast application and plowed under or worked into the soil. Blue N will provide maximum growth and assure you of a strong finish. If phosphorous levels in the soil are low, then a starter fertilizer should be used in conjunction with Blue N. Typical analysis: 5-1-1
Available size:
Paper Bag 50#

Gold Label Fertilizers

The Gold Label fertilizers are an organic and natural formulation designed as starter fertilizers for in the row (planter fertilizer box) application. They are somewhat specialized in function and crop upon which to be used.

Gold Label is designed for growing wheat, oats, rye, barley and vegetables. Generous amounts of rock powders provide the nutrients to finish large yields of plump nutritious grains and vegetables. Typical Analysis: 2-1-2.

GOLD SPECIAL STARTER is specially formulated as a starter or “pop-up” fertilizer. Readily available phosphorous speeds germination and promotes rapid and vigorous growth. This is advantageous in areas with a short growing season or on heavier soils in a wet season. On soils testing low to medium phosphorous, it is most efficient in a band application. Use as a starter over a wide variety of crops, especially corn, small grains, seed beds and where strong root growth is required. Typical Analysis: 2-4-2.IC
Available size:
Paper Bag 50# $

General guidelines for product application for Gold SS.
Corn 400 lbs/acre in planter
Small grain 350 lbs/acre in planter
Produce 450lbs/acre in row
Soybeans 300 lbs/acre in row or planter


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