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Sept/Oct 2007
Autumnal Gardening
Now is also the time to plant bulbs, make compost, divide perennials and prepare growing beds for next spring ...
by Organic Producer Magazine
Down to the Earth
Are we creating a rod for own backs with borders that become bottomless pits filled with plants that just don’t like our soil type?
by Organic Producer Magazine
Farm Story - New technology embraces 95 year family tradition
In my early years, I can remember this … the certain smells the mint has in spring, summer, and fall.
by Peppermint Jim Crosby
Farming Reaching New Frontiers
While the life of our farmer is still a physically demanding one that requires long hours and lots of knowledge, technology has spawned new techniques ...
by Organic Producer Magazine
Going Green on a Budget
Many people want to do their part for the environment and make eco-friendly changes to their lifestyles but don’t know where to start ...
by Organic Producer Magazine
Ocean Pollution Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes
Putting an end to ocean pollution is no small task, since the pollutants are quite varied in scope ...
by Organic Producer Magazine
Research With Leonardite
Leonardite (Tri-Lig) increases the buffering properties of soil and chelation of metal ions under alkaline conditions, according to Dr. Senn of Clemson University ...
by 360 Organics
Seaweed; the new diet must-have
Food high in fat and calories could be made healthier by adding the seaweed ...
by Organic Producer Magazine
Technology Feature / Cody Mercantile
Cody Mercantile is the successor company to Modern Farm, founded by Y-Tex in the early 1970’s ...
Upper Midwest Organic Tree Fruit Growers Network
Participants offer field days, orchard walks, and demonstrations at their farms ...


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