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Hello! If you're familiar with Watkins, you know of the company's top-notch reputation that has spanned 138 years. You may not realize, however, that modern technologies and training have made this one of the top business opportunities in North America.

This site provides complete details, free and with no obligation, so you can decide if you want to join us as an independent Watkins associate. Be sure to read our free online book—it shows how much money you can earn and the variety of ways you can earn it.

Watkins is exciting because you can develop residual income. That means the income checks can keep coming to you even when you take time off. Yes, it really is possible to earn a great income AND have the time to enjoy it.

The FREE E-Book explains everything. Request yours now!

Great Products, Great Training
Here are the two keys to your success:

  1. Watkins still has everyone's long-time favorite products, along with newer products for the busy family of today. These products are in high demand among people who care about taking care of themselves, taking care of their homes, and preparing the best tasting foods imaginable. Watkins products are a rock-solid foundation on which you can build a profitable business.
  2. The Summit Group provides free training and state-of-the-art business tools that help you build your business. We're an organization of friendly, hard-working, family-type people from across the United States and Canada...and we're the fastest-growing support team among all Watkins associates. By joining Watkins through one of our associates, you'll have access to the training and tools you need so you can develop significant income faster than ever.

Great Benefits, No Pressure
Starting your own Watkins business as a Summit Group associate offers income and time flexibility. But it won't interfere with your family, your current job, or your already-busy schedule. This is a no-pressure business. You do as much or as little as you're ready for at any point.

Although most of our associates work part-time, some have built their Watkins businesses into full-time, high-paying careers. Either way, they enjoy the unique benefits that only a Watkins business can provide, which can include:

  • Above-average compensation
  • Additional, residual income
  • Special bonuses and prizes
  • Free, all-expense-paid, luxury vacations
  • Fun recognition for reaching milestones

You're about to learn how a company that has had the strength and integrity to survive since 1868 is ready to help you achieve the lifestyle you want today.

Get Your FREE Entry Link
We'll immediately e-mail you a personalized link into our main website when you complete the form below. Our main website is where you can pick up your copy of our free E-book called "A Better Life for You and Your Family."

Don't put your future on hold... submit the form below, then check your e-mail box and click your personal entry link. It will let you decide if the flexibility, benefits, and fun of Watkins and the Summit Group are right for you.

Sheree Robinson

P.S. Our privacy policy explains that we hold your personal information in strictest confidence, using it only to provide you with details about our business. We do not share your information with any other organization or company.


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