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Sand Creek Post & Beam
Originally established along Sand Creek in the Elkhorn River Valley of Northeast Nebraska, Sand Creek Post & Beam offers authentic, finely crafted post and beam traditional barn and outbuilding kits. The strength, character and beauty of our buildings and the keys to our success can be found in our use of rough-cut, full-dimension wood and time-honored traditional designs.

Once the majestic symbol of our rural heritage, thousands of our nation’s barns are lost each year from the ravages of time and neglect. Taking their place on the rural landscape has been a glut of utilitarian metal buildings, scarring the countryside with their decidedly industrial look.

Sand Creek Post & Beam traditional barn and outbuilding kits are an exciting solution for restoring the countryside to its delicate balance with nature, and will add a distinctive look to any urban setting as well. We have provided a bridge to the past, offering the perfect marriage of the strength and beauty of post and beam construction with the styles, designs and craftsmanship of our Pioneer forefathers and the technology of today as we celebrate the old and embrace the new.

With an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, Sand Creek Post & Beam takes great pride in providing traditional barn kits that are functional, flexible, powerful and aesthetically pleasing. With each Sand Creek Post & Beam barn or outbuilding, you are building a monument to all those things you hold dear, built to last the test of time.

Sand Creek Post and Beam barn kits recapture the era of the great barn. Our authentic post and beam barns & outbuildings reflect the wisdom of our forefathers. We have combined modern technology with the strength of post and beam construction for the perfect blend of old and new. Our unique pre-cut, pre-engineered kits are built to last the test of time and allow your dreams to become a reality you can enjoy today!

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