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Jan/Feb 2008
Ed Begley Jr - The Interview
"Leave your car keys on the dresser just one day a week and that could mean many things. That means riding a bike if weather and fitness permit."
by Dion Puzon Jr
Basic energy efficiency home improvements beat solar panels Basic energy efficiency home improvements beat solar panels
If you are one of the many homeowners whose heads have been turned by the availability of relatively low cost solar electric (PV) panels, you may not reap the financial gain that you would expect.
Does Gender/Personality Determine Green Choices
Men might have their heads turned by green gadgets, but women lead the charge when it comes to greener living, according to a new study.
Winter Pruning
Pruning is an essential task that is easily overlooked once winter arrives. If a garden is out of sight, pruning is one of those tasks that goes out of mind.


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