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Hoegger Goat Supply Company


Go back in time to the days when every family was engaged in home dairying. Our American heritage is steeped in homesteading and the home dairy was an integral part of life. As we carry out our responsibilities on our 21st century farms and homes, we are preserving an inheritance of craftsmanship for coming generations. The handcrafts and skills that one provided family and community needs by utilizing raw materials produced on the farm must be perpetuated. Praise the Lord for the folks who garden and do home canning, who raise goats, chickens and other farm animals to provide food for their families. These traditions are kept alive at no small personal sacrifice of time and energy. Precious goat milk is made into delicious cheese, yogurt, butter and fanciful desserts and candy. Soapmaking is fast becoming a rediscovered art. Spinning and weaving the valuable fiber of cashmere and angora goats establishes yet another skill and use for homestead resources. These skills safe guard our tradition of practical homesteading that has been established over centuries of rural life. So whether you have a hundred-acre spread or a backyard farm, rejoice that your labors are not in vain. By actually practicing and teaching others the skills and crafts of our ancestors, we restore and preserve them for others to experience and enjoy. There is nothing that refreshes the soul like working with the land and with our hands.

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