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2004 thru 2012

Sustainable Foods Summit
The North American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will hone in on food traceability. As the battle for labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) continues in the US food industry...
by z
What is Future Outlook for GMO Labeling in the US?
The battle for GMO labeling rages on, with a growing number of  American states considering legislation. What developments are on the horizon in 2015?
by a
Announcing PurelyNaked, a new e'Zine and website
Announcing PurelyNaked, a new e'Zine and website targeted and focusing on the needs of the natural and organic health and beauty consumer and professional alike.
Organic Certification with a Foundation in Food Safety Seminar
Learn how you can protect the integrity of your organic products with the development of an Organic Systems Plan and proper Food Safety Programs. Protect consumers, your brand name, and your company’s image with the valuable information learned at this two-day seminar.
by Crowne Plaza Bloomington, Minneapolis, MN
SARE Announces 20th Anniversary Conference
UPDATE - 3/25/08 - See and Listen to Peppermint Jim Crosby here at the conference!  | SARE's New American Farm Conference is open to farmers, ranchers, teachers, researchers, students, advocates - or simply curious consumers.
What a great time OrgPro had at the All Things Organic Show!
Organic Producer had an awesome time at the All Things Organic Conference and Trade Show - Chicago IL
by Organic Producer
Cody Mercantile / Organic Producer Launch Campaigns
Cody Mercantile will be launching online marketing campaigns with Organic Producer...
Increase soil aeration, tilth, and workability with Leonardite (Tri-Lig)
Preliminary experimental work with leonardite (Tri-Lig) by the U. S. Bureau of Mines indicates that its presence in soil appears to increase aeration, tilth, and workability as well as better water movement (increases soil capillary and noncapillary space).
by 360 Organics
New SafePaint Mixes Style and Environmental Safety
There is a new product on the market called SafePaint. It is just that --
safe. The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, trying to perfect a formula for
painting interior walls, has come up with a paint product that is both
environmentally safe as well as personally safe.
Organic Seed Growers Conference
5th Organic Seed Growers Conference to be held February 14-15. The Organic Seed Growers Conference is the largest meeting of seed professionals engaged in organic seed production, research, and plant breeding in the United States.
We all love Mint and it's many uses!
Besides being recognized for its medicinal qualities, the oil of mint lends its menthol properties to candy, sweets, mouthwash, toothpaste, potpourri, flavorings, breath mints, cigarettes, snuff, and ointments.
by Organic Producer Magazine
Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from Another Wellesley College Alumna
I saw a News Hour piece on Maharastra, India, about farmers committing suicide. Monsanto, a US agricultural giant, hired Bollywood actors for ads telling illiterate farmers they could get rich ...
by Linn Cohen-Cole
Preserving the Past, Envisioning the Future
One of the greatest gifts that I have received in life is the gift to grow up in my very own healing garden, our family mint farm. It is here where I learned to appreciate Mother Earth and realize the beauty and pain of Mother Nature’s ways.
by Linette Crosby
Organically Grown Tomatoes Have Higher Antioxidant Content
The first-ever, decade-longstudy evaluating organic versus conventionally grown tomatoes revealed antioxidant differences between the two agricultural systems.
by Seeds Of Change
The 16th Organic World Congress of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
The Sixteenth IFOAM Organic World Congress will be held in Modena from 16th to 20th June. Evo Morales, Vandana Shiva, Serge Latouche, Carlo Petrini and Wolfgang Sachs are among the delegates to have confirmed their attendance.
by Angela B. Caudle
Mountain Rose Herbs / 1st to market Fair Trade certified Herbs!
Mountain Rose Herbs becomes the first company in the Unites States to directly market Fair Trade certified medicinal herbs to the general public and stores.
by Irene Wolansky


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