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Mar/Apr 2008
A Commentary
"Quality of Life"
by "Peppermint" Jim Crosby
Direct Marketing -Oregon Tilth
Twenty years ago Doc and Connie Hatfield were barely scraping a living out on their high desert ranch 50 miles east of Bend in Brothers, Oregon.
by Andrew Rodman
Fast Food is Still Bad for Us
Many are familiar with the 2004 documentary “Super Size Me,” in which comedian Morgan Spurlock decides to test the theory that fast food is bad for you.
Heavy Tractor Buyers Guide
At your farm, a heavy tractor is as essential to your daily operations as the sun and the rain.
by Groshan Fabiola
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
When Health Is The Only Alternative
by Dr. Patricia Margaitis
Save With Green Wheels
Consumers are getting used to making greener choices for the home,
Trials with Brandywine Tomatoes
We tried our hands at growing the Brandywine variety of tomatoes, having received several packets of them from a client.
by Our Earth
What Does Natural Really Mean
Well now even we as producers are confused… how do you think consumers are feeling?
by Barbara Aaron


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