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Jan / Feb 2009
Pro Preview - Top 10 plants for Children's Gardens
I remember the first time I gardened with my friend Jasper, who was two at the time. He was sitting next to me, playing in the warm, spongy soil while I weeded a thick patch of overwintered carrots.
by Heather Coburn Flores
Becoming Self-Sufficient With a Small Market Garden
Q.  Can a family be totally self-sustaining by using between 1 and 2 acres to grow, eat, and sell food?
by Jim Kennard
Checking Out Your Soil
Before going off to spend money at the nursery buying plants for your organic market garden, you really must spend some time finding out what kind of soil you have. You are much better off planting plants that will do well in the conditions you have ...
How to Compose a Healthier Body
Spring is here and many of us dread losing the safe cover of winter clothing.  Now, we are faced with wearing less clothing and confronting the appearance of out of shape bodies.
by Dr. Patricia Margaitis
The Many Different Types of Soil we Have
The soil in any location may be a combination of one or more of them; thus there are clayey loams and sandy loams. Also there may be a difference between the soil exposed to the air and the underlying subsoil.


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