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The Publication:

ORGANIC PRODUCER'S website and e'Newsletters offer a wide range of advertising, marketing, and sponsorship programs.

Organic Producer's email marketing and e'Newsletter services meet all of your electronic marketing needs.

Targeted email campaigns, e-newsletters, surveys-polls, and ListServ postings all done on a weekly and monthly basis!

National/International Circulation Database
- Subscribers
- Registered Certifiers
- Current Organic Producers
- Current Natural Producers
- Transitioning Producers
- Inquisitive Conventional 
- List Service Monthly Posts

Organic Producer offers the most cost-efficient way to contact sustainable, local, organic producers in today’s sustainable and eco-conscious industry.

What truly makes Organic Producer unique is that it is the only national magazine in digital form that focuses on the needs of the organic, sustainable, and local farmer. The wealth of editorial information regarding the organic production industry is a must read for every sustainable and organic producer. What’s more, we not only cater to the organic producer, but to their entire lifestyle and community as well. We pride ourselves on bringing you cutting edge information with every digital issue we publish.

Schedule  - 4X
January | February | March
April | May | June
July | August | September
October | November | December

  Organic Producer is:

  • Production & Lifestyle Oriented
  • Eco Friendly
  • Subscriber Built
  • National / International
  • List-Service Submitted
  • Social Media Targeted
  • Circulates 4 Annual Issues
  • Circulates 4 Annual e'Newsletters

    ORGANIC PRODUCER capitalizes on its' technology, and uses this as its' strongest strategic asset in the form of our digital publications, list services/email lists, e'Newsletters, strategic partnerships with certification authorities, educational institutions, and opt-in electronic subscribers.

    Our delivery method insures instant, cost effective worldwide distribution of every new issue and story that we publish. This in turn, attracts new and international readers and subscribers. ORGANIC PRODUCER'S PUBLICATIONS and websites are built for fast, easy viewing via any web browser.

    Our integrated tracking and reporting system shows real-time stats on how many articles read, ads viewed, products sold, and time spent on certain subjects, decreasing the amount of time your company has to utilize outside focus groups. Our data becomes your focus group! ORGANIC PRODUCER furnishes you this data that's key to strengthening relationships with you and your prospects on a global level.

    Our prices are the best in the industry due to our superior technology. This marketplace was created for you by our "Forbes Best of The Web" award winning development team.

    The Organic Producer Digital Magazine!

    Our readers are given a positive, digital experience when they receive our proven media. Our publications and e'Newsletters are fast and easy to navigate around with simple and user-friendly icons and text.

    Organic Producer's Digital Magazine reduces carbon footprint. Each year, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper. For every ton of paper produced, two to four tons of trees are cut down. With Organic Producer's Digital Magazine, there is no waste!

    Solutions Center

    With your input, we will help create your “Solutions Center” online advertisement campaign. We give you three options for your ad.  It is either created in Adobe Flash or Full Length Streaming Video, giving you the best in interactive possibilities! Static ads are also available. 


    Standard Package 4x runs are emailed to our opt-in and subscriber email lists. They utilize editorial from our Breaking News and Solution Center sections. This is a great way to showcase your monthly specials, news, new information, and new products!

    Our Readers

  • Use Computers and Internet Services
  • Own Land / Homes / Farms
  • Raise Livestock
  • Grow Gardens
  • Have Interests in Alternative / Renewable Sources of Energy
  • Have EXTRA Income

    You’ll be reaching a target audience of certified Organic Producers, Organic Small Market Gardeners, Potential and Transitional Producers, and Gardeners who are in need of your products, services, and advice.

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