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Audience Profile:
Organic Producer's audience profile is an ongoing function now with 10 years of data. We utilize key advertisers in developing strategic questionnaires geared towards our sustainable industry. These questionnaires circulate electronically to our lists and subscribers, and the internal lists of our key advertisers and certifying partners. We cross reference these responses with our numerous trade show and conference questionaires and interviews.

When respondent's psychographics are analyzed, the research reveals a discerning, large and in-charge, busy, independent, cause-driven, tech savvy and value conscious consumer. Our readership is mainly comprised of "opinion leaders" for whom social status is unimportant. Ninety one percent say, "I think of myself as a creative person."

We address BOTH the production and lifestyle sides of organic and sustainable farming and living!

These are some statistical results of our findings.

National/International Circulation Database Includes:

- Subscribers
- Registered Certifiers
- Current Organic Producers
- Current Natural Producers
- Transitioning Producers
- Inquisitive Conventional 
- List Service Monthly Posts

Gender (answering the questionnaires)

43% are men
55% are women
2% unknown

21% are 18-34
61% are 25-54
18% are 55+

Household Income
36% are $50K+
21% are $75K+
10% are $100K+
8% are $150K+

Education and Occupation
72% have graduated college or higher
24% have graduated high school with some college

Marital Status
63% are married
32% have children 


Actual Survey Click Here (This is Survey #1 out of 6 in circulation)



Annual Household Income?


Marital Status?


Personal Perception: Which would you classify the geographic location you live? Country or City

Is your primary purpose of owning your property to obtain a monetary profit from an organic agricultural endeavor?

Do you classify your involvement with agriculture more on the lines of a producer or a consumer?

Do you have a garden for personal or family use?

Approximately how many feet/acres of land do you garden or farm?

Do you currently practice organic methods?

Do you use any special methods for weed or pest control?

Do you raise any type of livestock? What Types?

Do you have a computer?

Do you use the internet?

Do you have access to high speed internet?

Do you purchase the majority of your produce from a co-op, CSA-local farm, or a grocery store?

What types of crops/livestock do you grow/raise?

Do you believe genetic engineering is the only way of increasing food production?

If an alternative method of pest or weed control was introduced to you, would you try it?

What type of organic or green products are you using at this time?

If a producer, are you certified organic or interested in being certified?

Would you be interested in green materials for future construction?

Are you looking at expanding your operation in the future?

Are you planning any construction on your property in the next 12 months?


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