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Frey Vineyards

Introducing Organic Agriculturist red table blend from Frey Vineyards! Made with no added sulfites. Vegan friendly and gluten free! Sold exclusively at Whole Foods Markets.

At Frey Vineyards, we combine the best of modern winemaking with traditional winemaking methods to produce award winning 100% organic wines with no sulfites added. 

There is no great secret to making wine without sulfites, it has been done for 8,000 years. The methods are essentially the same as all other winemaking, minus the use of sulfites, an industrial synthetic additive. We take this approach because we know that quality fruit and careful attention during fermentation and aging are the only ingredients needed to make great organic wine. We never use yeast nutrients or genetically engineered yeast. Grapes grown in healthy, vital soils contain all the nutrition yeast will need to complete a clean and healthy fermentation. High quality, organic fruit also provides an abundant supply of naturally occurring phytochemicals (natural plant compounds) that provide rich and complex flavor components. Natural plant chemicals also act as natural preservatives and are beneficial to human health. New research, particularly a study from UC Davis, California, shows that organic fruits and berries have up to 58% higher natural antioxidants than non organic. 

Premium organic grapes, a thorough understanding of natural wine chemistry, and careful attention during the winemaking process are the foundation of our wines. For nearly thirty years we have been making delicious organic wines that are natural, healthful and enjoyed by wine lovers across the globe. Our wines regularly win awards when compared to wines made with added sulfites and non-organic grapes. Decades of positive feedback from our satisfied customers are testament to the quality of natural, additive free winemaking. Go ahead, uncork the organic, we think you'll like it!

Click HERE to visit us online!


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