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July / August 2006
A Farm Story; Z Ranch
Abu Zubair's path to becoming a farmer is an interesting one. He started out as an electrical engineer and became an organic farmer ...
by Judi Gerber
A New Film Sheds Light on "The Future of Food"
In her new movie, "The Future of Food," Deborah Koons Garcia delivers a poetic, learned, inspired film about the challenges of farming in the 21st century ...
by Joe Nolan
Book Review - Green Remodeling
The idea of building green is appealing to many people. Some imagine getting out there and stacking straw bales or sculpting walls of cob ...
by Matt Forster
Book Review - It's a Long Road to a Tomato
As a young farmer negotiating the long hours of farm life, the idea of the farmer-writer baffled me ...
by Amy Crowell
Consumer News in Brief
Organic Dining - USDA Organic Research Program Gets Additional Funding Boost - Organic Furniture Coming to a Store Near You - Natural and Organic Foods Expected to Soar Into the Future ...
Duck Eggs; Creative marketing Plan Required
Your customers may never have experienced either a farm-fresh chicken or duck egg and may need to be educated about eggs that retain their firmness and do not spread in the pan because their freshness doesn't allow their structure time to break down ...
by Dyan Carlson
Environmental Change; It's in the bag
In the 1999 film "American Beauty," a discarded plastic bag caught in an alleyway whirlwind played a signature role as a sign of awesome beauty and wonder. But in Tanzania, plastic bags are the scourge of the Earth ...
by Alastair Bland
Family-Scale Farm is Anything "But" Small Potatoes
The Gerritsens know from long experience that their crop-rotation efforts will confuse insect pests and protect their crop. But for them, there's little relief from the thick clouds of mosquitoes, the humid heat, and the work's ponderous pace ...
by Phyllis Edgerly Ring
Home on the Range; the benefits of organic livestock farming.
The number of organic farms throughout the US is on the increase. According to the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF), as of 2006, there are approximately 10,000 certified organic producers in the US ...
by Corinna Underwood
Los Angeles Organic Urban Farmers
Over the past decade, a new agricultural movement has slowly and quietly taken hold in the heart of cities across the United States, including trend-setting Los Angeles ..
by Judi Gerber
OCIA - Ask the Certifier
I am an organic producer certified to the National Organic Program (NOP). My buyer mentioned that some of my product might be shipped to Europe and asked if I had EU verification ...


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