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Sept/Oct 2006
The Stinking Rose; An Easy and Profitable Crop to Grow
My favorite crop to grow, sell and eat is garlic.  I fell in love with the stinking rose at the same time I fell in love with my husband.  We were young, aspiring farmers and we decided to collaborate with each other on a garlic growing experiment in a community garden plot in Austin, Texas.
by Amy Crowell
OCIA - Ask The Certifier - "Product which I want to use as a pesticide"
~ I purchased a product, which I wanted to use as a pesticide. The ingredients on the label appear to be all-natural however, when I asked my certifier if it was allowed I was told that I could not use it due to the inert ingredients.  What are inert ingredients and why, if the main ingredient is allowed, would they cause a product to be a prohibited substance?
Builders Who See Green
We think about limited natural resources, the vitality of the oceans, clean air and water, a bright future for coming generations – all the textbook stuff – but then we go home at night to buildings which silently betray all our positive energy.
by Leger Wanaselja
Crystal Ball Farms
Home delivery of bottled milk may seem like an anachronism, something that got left on the porch in the 1950s. It’s a reminder of another era, when farms weren’t so big and the milkman was just as prominent as the mailman.
by Ben Schultz
Farm Story; Farm Vacations at Four Springs Farm
Jinny Cleland is a farmer with a mission. She wants to educate families, and children in particular, about the small family farm and to instill an awareness of the economic realities of farming.
by Heleigh Bostwick
Fields of Power; Farming Co-Ops & the Future of Biodiesel
One of the basic tenets of success is to believe in oneself. And that’s exactly what America’s farmers are doing in this petroleum-hungry nation: For not only are farmers across the nation ...
by Christine Gable
Four Elements to Organic Success
Tucked into the green, fertile Baraboo Bluffs is one of central Wisconsin’s best-kept secrets—Four Elements Organic Herbals.  Founder/owner Jane Hawley Stevens says that the land’s rich, rocky hills and bountiful woods have been particularly kind to her.
by Cathy M. Brown
Home on the Range; the benefits of organic livestock farming
Another benefit of organic meat is that it is healthier for the consumer, aside from the obvious lack of extra hormones and antibiotics, grass-fed beef is one-third to three times leaner than grain-fed beef, and as a consequence has fewer calories ...
by Corinna Underwood


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