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Mikes Windmills
Gain your independence from the utility companies! Wind power makes a wonderful combination with solar or can be used as a sole power sorce if you live in a good wind area. Wind can be used as "back up" power in the event of a power outage; is an economical and excellent source of electricity if you live outside of the power grid and is environmentally sensitive. Install just one system to use as a back up power source or several and power your entire house! It is much easier and cost efficient to set up several of these 800 watt systems than a 3-5,000 watt generator if you want to power your entire home. We had one man tell us that he had his systems all set up and the utility meter reader came by to do a meter reading. He looked all around and could not find a meter. He asked where it was and when the home owner pointed to his wind generators the meter reader just drove away shaking his head. This was a magic moment for that home owner and he was hooked on producing his own power.

Let us help you gain your independence from the utility companies! Wind power is also great for preparedness. An outstanding resource for your freezer in the event of power outages, the ability to run lighting and small appliances and the best part is NO utility bills to mail to the electric company!

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