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Nov/Dec 2006
A New Optimism
After 30 years of conventional farming, James Maberry of Dawn, Mo. never second guesses his decision of transitioning his farm into organic production. - “I feel like a farmer again,” said Maberry.
by Jaclyn Deweese
Alternative Energy - Solar Energy
With all of the controversy surrounding the price of fuel and other electricity forms in recent times, solar energy is definitely increasing in popularity. However, just what is solar energy? Solar energy basically converts light from the sun into useable electricity.
by Larisa Redins
Ask The Certifiers
1. We have been growing watermelons, squash, and different kinds of cuberids on our small farm of 10 acres here in southern IL.

2.If one certifier has problems certifying a producer, can the producer search out different certifier to take their place?
Banking on Fordhall
Fordhall Farm, Shropshire, UK, has been in the Hollins family since the 1700’s, but they have never owned the land. When Arthur Hollins died in 2004 the tenancy passed to his two children, Charlotte, 23 and Ben, 21, along with an eviction notice.
by Elizabeth Harrin
Certified Naturally Grown
When the National Organic Program (NOP) was implemented in 2002, small-scale organic farmers were faced with a difficult decision: refrain from calling their produce “organic” – even if they had maintained impeccable organic growing practices for years ...
by Alice Varon
Organics in the nursery
Organic flower companies are working hard to transform the $20 billion retail floral industry by eliminating the toxic chemicals that are commonly used to grow flowers and satisfying an increasing market demand for organic flowers.
by Judith Gerber
The Structure and Composition of Soil
Humans have been busily cultivating soil for millennia and though it is easy to suppose that the stuff beneath our feet holds few surprises after centuries of tillage, even now new findings continue to emerge.
by Dr. Gareth Evans


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