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Mountain Rose Herbs / 1st to market Fair Trade certified Herbs!
by Irene Wolansky
Organic Producer

Eugene, OR - While fair Trade certification has traditionally been reserved for tea, cocoa and fruit, this marks a new milestone is the sustainable programs offered by TransFair and marketed by Mountain Rose Herbs. Close arrangements have been made between Mountain Rose herbs and TransFair USA with the intent of marketing, promoting, and distributing fair trade certified herbs within the United States and negotiations have been made for the purpose of importing and distributing over 4 tons of Fair Trade certified herbal material for distribution to the public, manufacturers, and natural food stores.

Fair Trade is a special partnership between tea growers, tea pickers, tea traders, and tea drinkers.  Fair trade means that specific standards for wages, living conditions, and living conditions are met.  Plus, for every fair trade purchase, a portion goes directly back to the workers who decide how to best utilize the funds to benefit their community.  These funds have been used for schools, health clinics, electricity, and to bring other basic needs into villages.  In addition the farms are required to use environmentally sound practices.  This benefits the worker’s health, maintains the soil, and it helps to protect the environment on a global scale.  Purchasing Fair Trade certified products is a great way to show your support for worker rights and the environment.

Irene Wolansky
Marketing & Advertising Director


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