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Renewable Carbon Management - NaturTech® Composting System

Renewable Carbon Management - NaturTech® Composting System

Renewable Carbon Management, LLC sells and licenses the NaturTech Composting System for converting organic materials in to value added commodities. We also provide strategic partnerships and operating expertise for the lowest cost and highest environmental performance available. We can design systems for processing organics customized to your community budget and standards. Our technologies can manage the organics from the municipal solid waste stream, agricultural residuals, food processing by-products, livestock manure, and wastewater treatment biosolids (raw or digested). We can also create strategic partnerships and joint ventures to privatize the composting utility. Our programs can be as simple as five to seven days of pre-processing in NaturTech digesters prior to your existing windrow operation, an option that can often eliminate or prevent odor and leachate problems. We can provide stand-alone composting systems from fifteen to twenty-eight days, and full curing systems with containerized curing up to seventy-five days. Some of our digester programs can be integrated with vermistabilization (earthworm assisted) technologies, adding value to compost and promoting integrated biosystems. Our mission is to help your community convert underutilized organic resources into economic development opportunities.

NaturTech® Composting System is an In-Vessel Composting process using modified 20 to 55 ton roll-off or intermodal containers for converting organic resources into valuable compost products. Systems range in size from four up to one thousand tons per day. We have "manual, automated and fully automated" with new or retrofitted digester programs to fit any budget need. Our stackable digesters, biofilters, and curing bins can be located in the smallest possible area, even close to residences and businesses. The transportation savings alone are outstanding. With containerized composting, composting buildings, large concrete surfaces, and stormwater treatment basins are eliminated. Enclosed composting keeps odorous composting-process air from escaping to the atmosphere, leaving it concentrated for scrubbing in a biofilter.


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