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Sand Creek Post and Beam - An Interview
by Joe Broderick
Organic Producer

I just spent a very enjoyable hour speaking with Leonard Dickenson. Along with his wife, Leonard owns Sand Creek Post and Beam. Sand Creek Post and Beam is a company that specializes in modern wood barns. Leonard has created a product that combines modern technology while maintaining "old world" charm.

Using post and beam techniques that are time tested and proven reliable, Leonard offers his customers a building that in just a few short years will have the look and charm of a traditional barn; just add pigeons and a barn owl. 

Sand Creek Post and Beam barn kits come in five different styles with options and add-ons such as cupolas to fill just about any application. Horse owners, dairy farmers, and any livestock owner would benefit from a Sand Creek barn. In keeping with the goals of UniMinds Media's publications, Leonard uses untreated and readily replenished wood products such as Ponderosa Pine, Southern Yellow Pine and Eastern Red Cedar. Some of Leonard’s customers have even turned the barn kits into living quarters, complete with a variety of exterior choices including in one case, river stone. Most customers have either a love of wood or nostalgic sentiments in common.

The versatility of the barn kits is also a big selling point. Some customers even use lighting for effect highlighting the beautiful lines of the barns. Leonard even jokes about their strength and durability saying that even after a tornado you just have to move them back to their original spots. Built on slab or foundation with full dimension lumber, these structures will stand the test of time for years to come.

Leonard and his lovely wife live in a-one-hundred-year old Arts and Crafts home situated on an eighty-acre bird sanctuary in rural Nebraska.

Call or log on for a free brochure and DVD. Leonard would love to hear from you. Just tell him you heard about him and about Post and Beam from Organic Producer.

Click HERE to visit Sand Creek Post & Beam.


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