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New SafePaint Mixes Style and Environmental Safety

Groton, Massachusetts

Thirty-four years ago the company developed a successful formula for
historic milk paint. "We rediscovered a milk paint formula that had fallen
out of use since the middle of the 19th century", said Charles Thibeau,
founder of the company. "Our original formula varies little from that used
for centuries before the coming of commercial paints in the 1840s. The
company designed the paint to capture an antique look on porous surfaces
such as bare wood.

Today, we have many types of surfaces that did not exist in the past. The
Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company has developed a second formula that will
maintain the same adhesion and the same lustrous beauty on these new
surfaces as their historic paint has done on the more porous ones." And they
have always felt it has been necessary to retain the environmentally
friendly aspect of their traditional milk paint.

In 1970, before starting the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, Thibeau
founded The National Foundation for Environmental Control, which was
involved in the first Earth Day celebration in Boston. "Few people paid
attention to that sort of thing back then", he says. When the company later
developed their powdered version of the old milk paint formula there was as
much emphasis placed on making an environmentally friendly product as there
was on the historical accuracy of the paint.

SafePaint was developed because so many people wanted a milk paint that
adhered well to an already painted surface or to a nonporous surface. The
company has given the new product the name SafePaint to accentuate one of
its most important qualities, that it is safe for people who may have
adverse reactions to chemically-based paints. According to the company¹s
MSDS, the ingredients in SafePaint are all-natural and bio-degradable, with
zero VOCs. It contains no unsafe materials, has no paint odor, and is water

And, like their traditional milk paint, SafePaint will not fade or wear.
There have been items found in places such as King Tut¹s tomb that were
painted with milk paint and retain the same vivid colors they had when
applied in ancient Egypt.

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