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Wisconsin Riverside Resort Spring Green WI - Sustainable Small Town Feel
by Oraganic & Sustainable Farmers

*** We expected more ...

Check in was fast and easy, with no mention of Wi-Fi service. The interior roads were paved, while the sites were grass and sand. Our site was more sand then grassy. There was a picnic table, on a small concrete pad, and a fire ring. It was to find the connections and easy to get connected. Antenna and satellite TV worked well. We were able to get an open Wi-Fi connection, but it was unknown who it belonged to. The Wi-Fi kept fading in and out, and worked well when we could stay connected. AT&T cell service was terrible, and most times it was non-existent. The sites were very close together, and we ended up with tent campers on both sides. We expected more, for the money we paid, and we were not impressed. We will not return. - BBTj, Iowa

*** Go before/after the school year

I don't remember what we paid, so the price is probably wrong. This is a typical Wisconsin RV park. Grass (some gravel) sites, and TONS of activities for kids and families. REALLY nice (kinda small, but really nice) pool/splash pad area. Tons of places to setup a volleyball game or throw a frisbee(tm) or football or something. There's also this lagoon with a HUGE inflatable island in the middle of it and tons of tubes and other floating toys for the borrowing. Good stuff. The sites are TIGHT, and the sewer hook up is WAY in the back. I have a 25 foot hose and it was stretched tight. When we pulled in, we couldn't believe the space I needed to back into was actually a campsite. It just looked like a sandy area between two other campers. :) Good thing I'm an RV-backing ninja, so I got it in without a problem, but it REALLY didn't look like a campsite. When the place was full, like it was when we were there, it looks like a festival grounds. trucks, cars, people bikes everywhere. People were cool, though. There is a bar/restaurant that keeps traffic at a steady flow. They have a well stocked store, and showers and whatnot as well. Fire pits are comically small, which is probably good considering how close the sites are. Many of the sites in the are we were in seemed like they were new which made the hookups and whatnot top-notch, so that was cool. Anyway, nice place, just tight and busy, but if you have kids or a family (we don't) it's probably all good. If you're looking for a place to hang out and read a book or something... go before/after the school year. - B Holms, Sunnyville Farms, Wisconsin

***** Spring Green is a nice little town and we enjoyed our stay here.

I gave this a '5' because of all the public activities at the Resort. They have a canoe/kayak rental and guided trip business here also. And the restaurant with outdoor patio and corn hole game on the river are open to the public also.

This can cause congestion and some issues for getting in or out of the campground as you must traverse the public parking lot.

The river is fine for kayaking/canoe. Some current in July but wide, shallow and only one clear channel of deep water- not marked at all. Lots of big sandbars.

Sites are grass and some gravel, but they are level and there are a few smaller trees around for minimal shade. Basically it is a big open field of sites with some paved roads. The pool and restroom/showers and laundry are restricted to campground patrons only. They are all located at the front of the campground so it can be a hike for those in the back.

It was only about 1/4 full when we were here so no problems at all. Showers were nice enough and water pressure was good.

Would stay again but only during the week. Seems groups come on weekends and "party." We were here on a Sunday and Monday. Spring Green is a nice little town and we enjoyed our stay here. - SS Farms, Davenport, Iowa

*** This place must be an absolute zoo on summer weekends.

We stayed here one weekday night the first full week of July. Our site was a level, gravel, FHU pull-through with a 802.11 connection that worked fine for us. There is no cable and only the 5 network over the air TV stations. Our site was satellite TV friendly. More than half the 200+ sites appear to be taken by seasonal or long term customers. Most of those are in the treed section and many would be considered messy and tacky by many of the reviewers on this site. Most of the transient sites are in the open and close to the lodge and pool. There are also some tent sites and cabins. There is a laundry/bathhouse building near the pool that services the transient area. I was bit surprised at how basic this facility was - it was very stark on poorly lit with cement floors and cinderblock walls. The showers were $1 for 6 minutes. There is a similar building in the seasonal area. The pool is decent size and there is a playground for the kids plus a better than average basketball hoop and court. You can easily access the river behind the lodge (they rent some small watercraft). but the river walk was impossible to use because of bugs even in the middle of the day. The lodge has a nice bar and grille and what appears to be a large meeting room. This place must be an absolute zoo on summer weekends. I saw no sign of recycling. The park is OK but I doubt that I would return and come this far off the beaten path at this price. - Red Radish Farms, Janesville, Wisconsin

**** This is a very nice campground, but ...

It is located on the banks of the Wisconsin River and is very near the town of Spring Green (a very nice town to visit). Our satellite dish would not work because of the trees and the camp does not have cable, a drawback. Wifi connection was good. Signal strength was good and speed was good. Speed commonly reached 54 mbps. However the wifi connection was not secure. With all the concern about information theft, parks should provide secure wifi connections. The excuse that "we've never had any problems" simply doesn't work. If there had been problems it is likely the park would not have known about them. Come on park owners, get into the information (theft) age. The employee at the office when we checked in was very grumpy. Not sure why park owners put up with grouchy employees. They represent your park. - Redstadt Family, CO

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