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Staber Industries Energy and Water Saving Washing Machines

GROVEPORT, OH, August 17, 2006Staber Industries, based out of Groveport, OH, has attracted national attention among consumers wanting to reduce water and energy consumption by offering a unique clothes washer. With low-water yield wells, water restrictions, and concerns over water consumption in many areas, this unique product offers major water and energy savings compared to traditional washing machines.

For families of three doing eight loads per week, Staber costs around $300 less each year to operate compared to traditional agitator washers by using less resources. Staber washers save around 30 gallons of water per load, use 75% less detergent, and 50% less energy compared to top load agitator washers. “You could save over 11,000 gallons of water and 10 gallons of liquid detergent each year compared to a traditional agitator washer if you only do eight loads a week,” explains William Staber, president of Staber Industries. 

Only 1 ounce of detergent is needed due to the use of only 15 gallons of water per load (compared to about 35-50 gallons and 4-8 ounces of detergent per load for an agitator washer.) Over 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is the hot water used; thus, a washing machine is more energy efficient if the overall water usage is reduced.

Staber also offers reduced drying time because of a faster spin cycle, larger capacity because of no agitator in the tub, total front access to parts, stainless steel tubs, simple mechanical switches, and a longer life expectancy. 

As more manufacturers are moving production outside the U.S., each Staber washer has been carefully hand-built locally in Groveport, Ohio, since 1993.

The Staber washer tumbles laundry like a front loader but maintains top loading convenience. Instead of round tubs, Staber uses a patented stainless steel eight-sided outer tub with a six-sided inner tub that tumbles the laundry down repeatedly into a bottom pool of water.  The shape between the two tubs is always changing. This creates a unique water pumping action that forces the water through the clothesbasket and gently tumbles the clothes to clean and prolong the life of garments more effectively than circular tubs.

Staber Industries is an Ohio family-owned business in operation since 1976 that started originally as a re-manufacturer of coin operated laundry equipment. The best way to learn more about Staber is to visit www.staber.com and call 800-848-6200.


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